Trailer “I’m a creative animal”

Erste Ausstrahlung: Sonntag, 9. November 2014, 23:30 Uhr, SRF1
Wiederholung: Freitag, 3. April 2015, 22:20 Uhr, SRF1

“i m a creative animal” hat in montreal am 33th FIFA – Festival International du Film sur l’Art 2015 den Prix du meilleur portrait gewonnen.

The Canadian soprano and conductor Barbara Hannigan

“The audience in the upper crust concert venue KKL at the Lucerne Festival must have felt bemused: after singing classical Mozart arias, soprano Barbara Hannigan returns to the stage in a Dominatrix costume, black wig and PVC boots and proceeds to sing AND conduct György Ligetis “Mysteries of the Macabre”. The audience celebrates Barbara Hannigan’s disturbing performance with standing ovations. Critics struggle to describe her captivating impact. The film “I’m a Creative Animal” follows her backstage in an attempt to reveal the secret behind this wild, fearless and remarkably versatile woman.”

Dieser Trailer ist hier auch auf youtube zu sehen..